Transdermal Patches

Transdermal Patches

At MediPatch Technologies and Consulting, we take the time to learn your project to determine the best form of transdermal patches for your experiment. Our patches are different than a pill for the delivery of drugs because it reacts differently to an individual’s metabolism and does not cause any damage to an individual’s liver like a pill does. The patches also deliver the drug for a full 24 hours instead of the much shorter drug delivery time of a pill. Patches are becoming more and more popular in the drug delivery world. We can help you get started and guide you through the entire process with development and set up of the transdermal patches portion of your venture. These patches will help keep your company on top of the learning curve. We will help you from the very beginning stages and continue with transdermal delivery until you are finished. See more about our delivery options on the delivery services page of our website.

Transdermal Patch is a devise that contains API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) or ANI (Active Nutraceutical Ingredient) and if placed on skin it is capable of transferring API or ANI through the skin into the body system.

If your company requires a small amount of transdermal patches for your experiment, we can create small amounts of the prototype in our labs at our San Diego office. Once you have determined what your transdermal patches are to be like, we can help with your own personal laboratory set up for your convenience. We will help set up your facility and train your employees to work and maintain the machinery correctly and efficiently. To find out more about this service, please visit the correct page on our website.

We specialize in designing and creating transdermal patches for all of your company’s needs. We can create a transdermal patch for really any need. In the past, we have created transdermal patches to deliver estrogen, nicotine, and nitrogen, and many more things to patients. We use a monolithic patch formulation to create all of our patches for our clients. Our transdermal patches deliver the desired ingredient to patients safely and effectively. Our method has worked for many years and we are always looking for ways to improve it.

To find out more information or to hear some reviews of our previous clients, please contact our office today. We can get your started as soon as possible and get you going on a path to success.

Typical Constructions of Transdermal Patches

1. Monolithic Patch where API or ANI is dispersed in the patch adhesive. Adhesive provides also the means of attaching patch to the skin allowing for API or ANI to transfer to the skin.
2. Reservoir Patch where API or ANI is dispersed in the liquid or semisolid matrix (e.g. gel). Semipermeable membrane of the patch reservoir allows for the API or ANI to leave the reservoir and transfer into the skin. Adhesive layer on the surface of the membrane holds the patch to the skin